Chemistry Journal of Moldova

Accepted papers

Chidi Edbert Duru

Field: Ecological chemistry
Type: Research paper
mechanic village, heavy metal, degree of contamination, index of geo-accumulation.

Graphical Abstract: Toxic heavy metals within a reclaimed section of the Orji mechanic village in Nigeria were determined using X-ray fluorescence and atomic adsorption spectrophotometric methods. The data were analyzed using geo-statistical techniques. Results showed high degree of contamination by cadmium and arsenic, and strong to extreme contamination by lead and cadmium.


Viktoria Vorobyova, Margarita Skіba

Field: Physical chemistry and chemical physics
Type: Research paper
apricot cake extract, self-assembled layer, green corrosion inhibitor, steel, organic coating.
Graphical Abstract: The protection performance of self-assembled layers (SALs) formed by apricot cake extract (ACE) on the surface of steel has been studied. Characterization of the apricot cake extract was carried out using the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis. The anti-corrosion effect of the self-assembled layers was determined by weight loss experiments, scanning electron microscopy and electrochemical methods. It was revealed that the protection ability of the SALs is determined by the time of film formation on the steel surface. The maximal corrosion inhibition efficiency (about 93%) was obtained after 48 h process of film formation in the vapour phase of the apricot cake extract. The results of the polarization test revealed that the ACE acted as mixed type inhibitor and slowed both anodic and cathodic reactions rates. The results of the electrochemical analysis revealed that the ACE modified steel showed better corrosion protection in conditions of periodic condensation of moisture.