Chemistry Journal of Moldova

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Inna Seifullina, Elena Martsinko, Elena Chebanenko, Eleonora Afanasenko, Viktoriya Dyakonenko, Svitlana Shishkina

Field: Inorganic and coordination chemistry
Type: Research paper
germanium(IV) compounds, malic acid, 1,10ʹ-phenanthroline, copper(II) complex, structure.
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Graphical Abstract: Two crystalline compounds of germanium(IV) with malic acid (HMal) and 1,10ʹ-phenanthroline (phen) - [Ge(HMal)2(phen)]•pheh•2H2O (I) and [CuCl(phen)2][Ge(OH)(HMal)2] (II) were synthesized for the first time and characterized by elemental analysis, IR-spectroscopy and thermogravimetric analysis. There was elucidated from single-crystal X-ray diffraction that two different forms of Germanium are implemented: Ge4+ (I) and hydrolyzed GeOH3+ (II) to form distorted octahedron and pyramid respectively.

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Rodica Mariana Diaconescu, Carmen Zaharia

Field: Industrial chemistry
Type: Research paper
artificial neural network (ANN), industrial wastewater treatment, multilayers perceptron model (MLP).
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Graphical Abstract:  The paper proposes an artificial neural network model of multilayers perceptron type (MLP3:10:1) adapted for mechanical-chemical treatment system of an industrial effluent (i.e. coagulation-flocculation - sedimentation applied for an industrial effluent produced in a manufacturing plant of bricks and other ceramics) which is further optimized and tested for its validation.

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Nicolay Davidenko, Irina Davidenko, Nicolay Kuranda, Elena Mokrinskaya, Valeriy Pavlov, Viacheslav Solntsev, Sergey Studzinsky, Vladimir Syromyatnikov, Vitaliy Tarasenko, Nicolay Chuprina

Field: Physical chemistry and chemical physics
Type: Research paper
azobenzene polymer, optical anisotropy, polarization holography, thermoplastic property, surface relief.
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Graphical Abstract:
 Growth of the diffraction efficiency and recording velocity was found in the films of copolymers 4-((2- nitrophenyl) diazeniyl)phenylmethacrylate) with octylmethacrylate at room temperature holographic recording for copolymer with less softening temperature. Effect of strengthening of the diffraction efficiency was observed when charging surface of the films with recorded hologram in crown discharge.

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