Chemistry Journal of Moldova

Important notice!

25 March 2014
Dear authors! We would like to inform you that starting with the next number Chem. J. Mold. Volume 9, no.1, you must follow the new instructions for  formatting the references.
  • References must be written in English only. If it’s in a different language then the reference must be translated with an appropriate title in English. The original language must be indicated in round brackets.
  • Complete bibliographic information for all cited references is required with full names of journals.
  • If abbreviated names of the journals are used then authors are expected to consult American Chemical Society guidelines (The ACS Style Guide; Dodd, J. S.; Solla, L.; Berard, P.M. Ed.: American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2006)  or  ISI Journal Title Abbreviations List.
  • All references must be edited in the same style.
  • Each reference should contain only one literature citation. 
The following style must be used for all contributions: 
1. Katritzky, A. R. Handbook of Organic Chemistry; Pergamon: Oxford, 1985, 200 p.
2. Wipke, W. T.; Heller, S. R.; Feldmann, R. J.; Hyde, E., Eds. Computer representation and manipulation of chemical information. John Wiley: New York, 1974; pp 287–298.
Symposia volumes:
3. Bravo-Suárez, J.; Kidder, M.K.; Schwartz, V. Novel Materials for Catalysis and Fuels Processing. ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2013, vol. 1132, 400 p.
Translated journal papers:
4. Garaba, V., Problems of water supply in rural localities. Environment, 2005, vol. 19, pp. 19-22 (in Romanian).
5. Magerramov, A.M.; Ramazanov, M.A.; Gadzhiyeva, F.V. Investigation of the structure and dielectric properties of nanocomposites based on polypropylene and zirconia nanoparticles. Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry, 2013, 49(5), pp.1-5 (in Russian)
Journal papers:
6. Shin, S.; Yoon, H.; Jang, J. Polymer-encapsulated iron oxide nanoparticles as highly efficient Fenton catalysts. Catalysis Communications, 2008, 10, pp. 178–182.
7. Grant, P. Device for Elementary Analyses. USA Patent, 1989, No. 123456.
8. Cato, S. J. Thermodynamic study of polymer solutions. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Florida, Florida, USA, 1987.
Legal regulations and laws, organizations:
9. EC Directive, Directive 2000/76/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 December 2000, on the incineration of waste, Annex V, Official Journal of the European Communities, L 332/91, 28.12.2000, Brussels.
Web references:
The full URL should be given in text as a citation, if no other data are known. It should be accompanied by a sentence indicating the explanation of the content. When you are indicating the URL you should remove the Hiperlink, this can be achieved by selecting the URL then click the right button of the mouse and chose from the meniu Remove Hyperlink.
10. Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS.

Please consult carefully the author instructions page.

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